Why Tinder Subscriptions Are Not Worth It

You cannot login into Tinder without disclosing personal information or being offered a pricey subscription plan for what is basically a few photos and a grammatically incorrect bio of someone who might not even be who they say they are. The IDs can be fake. The supposed house owner cannot cough up a deed after a week of telling tales about how great they are.

What is it that they are looking for on the app? Because it is not someone to get along with. It might be someone to blame, however. To be fair, a person can just as well approach you in a social setting, when you're travelling, and invite you to the bar. At the bar, they can introduce you to their friend. They can offer you a ride in their sedan and call you back to meet for dinner. They can bring another friend and now it's three against one because neither one of those two strangers will be looking out for you.

Tinder has a report & unmatch button. Do they send help, however? The app boasts 7.86 million users so why doesn't one of them knock on the door and break up an argument or a fight quicker than the police can arrive? Next time they send you a survey to ask how they can approve, maybe write them to stop taking your time. You are just experimenting and don't owe them a single $1.

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