Why Seamless+ gets a minus from me

Recently, Seamless started offering a new delivery membership plan that they called Seamless+. I decided to try it out to see if the value is there. Unfortunately, this plan, instead of earning more customer loyalty from me, made me decide to part ways with the service completely.

To start, the plan sounds like a good idea if you are already spending $100+ on meals per month. If you are not, but have started a new assignment that will pay you more than you will save spending time cooking for yourself or going to the deli, it is still something to consider. At the same time, factor in that the delivery times will often exceed an hour. Often, they will exceed the estimated delivery window as well. Almost all of my orders would arrive at the time closer to final delivery estimate as opposed to arriving at the beginning or somewhere in between. Unreliable delivery times can make the day more difficult for someone with a strict schedule. There is no remedy from either the service or the restaurant for this and it has been like that over the years without an improvement. If you are going to use Seamless, I would use an estimate of three hours of work you know you will get paid for to make it worth the cost. Keep in mind, that the + plan does not come with faster delivery.

If you are already a subscriber to the Seamless newsletters, you know that they send multiple promo codes on a weekly, sometimes saily, basis. Often, these coupons will net you more in savings than having to be on a plan. Combining coupons is still a restricted feature. Based just on that, an extra monthly fee does not make much sense.

As for the fee itself, your savings from buying $100 worth of meals through the membership will only break you even on the price for the subscription. Unless you are getting points through the payment card or maybe cash back, it does not give you any volume buyer benefits.

Not all restaurants and delis are part of the plan. Many that are on the plan already offer free delivery as is. You waste time looking for the ones with the savings as well as limit your choices of food.

Finally, the website does not warn you that the promotion discount you earn is only available to be used while you are still subscribed. If you downgrade before you get the chance to apply your fairly earned promo, the savings gets removed from your account as well. Customer service will not be able to help if that happens to you.

If you have are interested in signing up for the plan, let me know in the comments if the blog post helped. If you are or have been a member and would like to add something, I would be happy to hear from you. Delis or restaurants that have been part of the program and would like to add to discussion - feel free to reach out. I'd be interested in expanding the review to include your experience.

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