Where to find remote bookkeeping opportunities

There are many websites that offer employment opportunities. When looking for a remote job, it is useful to familiarize yourself with them and the options that they offer. For freelancers, UpWork and Fiverr are the most well known companies that have a large selection of jobs. However, Fiverr has very few bookkeeping specific roles and is not as fruitful as UpWork. At the same time, UpWork has many unverified listings and does not do a very good job of removing postings from scammers. This function is often left to the job-seeker who can encounter rude and harassing behavior from individuals or companies that simply do not want to pay for the work done.

Other sites, that might be more traditional or, at the least, more mixed with the employment options they post, include Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn. Indeed and ZipRecruiter seem to really just re-post the career section from the company website directly so it often makes little sense to apply through them as you can apply directly with the company itself. Indeed can have jobs that you would often be uninterested in based on what kind of a contract they offer. Additionally, the rate of response can be very low. At the same time, it is one website to visit to get a list of available jobs in one place if you can then use it to go to the company website directly. It saves you a few clicks from having to perform the search any other way.

ZipRecruiter, on the other hand, has an even lower response rate. Use it but don't expect it to land you a job quickly. LinkedIn, as one of the other popular options, does help with narrowing down the job offers to just those that want a remote employee. The filter setting in the header is a useful tool. Of course, you can still apply to the nearly 15,000 bookkeeper jobs listed this month in the USA and try to negotiate a different contract from the one that requires you to be present in the office every day. Some companies even offer a hybrid contract as opposed to having to limit employment to 100% in-office or 100% remote with nothing in between. One note of caution, however, involves paying attention to the posting companies. Many of them are recruiters (Gemini, Jobot, NorthPoint Search Group, Robert Half, etc.) that might or might not have the actual jobs they are recruiting for. Remove those listings from your search by hiding them so that you can focus on the actual business that is looking for an employee.

Last but not least, if you have no bookkeeping experience, we can help you to learn the job. Sign up for classes to learn the job or one of the commonly used softwares on the market!

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