Visa and MasterCard deliver an early holidays present

These news just might be what is needed to turn 2020 around and make it a good year. Visa and MasterCard announced this week that they will be banning use of their cards on certain adult content websites.

Since the lockdowns have started, traffic to these websites has increased, at times as much as 22% from March 2020. At the same time, multiple non-profit organizations have begun ringing alarm bells about the illegal and harmful content being shared and sold under the pretense of being fully consensual. Investigative documentaries and reports by news channels report on the true effects of these media materials. For example, this is one video shared by CBC that is less than ten minutes targeting those struggling with breaking the habit:

The credit card use ban was inspired by a New York Times article. The original opinion can be found here. The follow up article after the ban went into effect is here. The author is also on twitter:

Prior to the credit card companies cutting ties, PayPal has already blocked payments for this sort of content.

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