The Wing

Michael Crichton ships the wing to China on Tuesday in his book "Airframe". This would be one weekday past the deadline of April 18th to file the 1040 in such a manner as to be considered timely. The IRS might start calculating interest and penalties.

The problem is that even if you filed your tax form form on time, relying on an AI such as FlyFin, it might or might not have been accepted by the agency. The AI will you not immediately know. The startup might send you an automated pre-scheduled email with nice graphics and possibly confetti all over your screen to congratulate you on your return being accepted just because that is the only template the coder has set up. Why would the founder want to be the bearer of bad news? He wants your data. He wants you to stay calm. He is not going to tell you the reason for the rejection until he figures out how to access the cash from your bank account now that he knows your routing and account number.

Just a month ago, Samuel Martinez downloaded FlyFin from the Google Apps store. He left the following review:

App seems sketchy, the location for the Corp doesn't add up to the contact info, and the email I received to get started with the to confirm my email. It also states it's from Bangalore, India, and that draws red flags. In addition, I can not get passed the part to confirm my email, therefore I can not use the app, and I will need to uninstall it.

Samuel, if you would like to amend and file your 1040 locally, in Orlando, you can schedule a time and date through April 15th 2025 using the following link:

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