The Tinder Swindler 2.0

He is on Instagram, not on Tinder. He is from Syria or The Philippines, not Israel. He is on the hunt for a blue-eyed blonde. He found one in Santa Monica, CA after skipping town. NYC to Austin to Las Vegas on to Santa Monica, joined by John Batista, supposedly a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School. The alumni list for the school does not have that name listed, however.

Edward Julio tells girls he graduated from Drexel University in PA. He drinks Four Roses whiskey and beer. He frequents Trivia Nights at Stella and Fly in NYC but does not have abs enough for FDNY. The small efficiency at 200 W 113th he has a key to the door of is cluttered, with sand in the closet. The paint on the bathroom ceiling is chipping. He needs a woman who is not independent but who will fund his lifestyle of rented apartments, taxi cab rides and restaurant outings a few times a week.

Lately, he has been comparing himself to Edward Snowden and tried to run to Russia. Is he a fugitive? The background check has only one Edward J Glenbockie with an address in Pottsville, PA. There is no information about his tax filings there but he is at least three years behind. He, nonetheless, expects the most expensive steak to be hand delivered to him from the local Whole Foods while he purchases pornography from OnlyFans as his classmate turns him down when he offers her $100 for naked photos. It does not stop him from recording girls, possibly boys too, without consent and trying to sell those to John.

This Love Scammer will pour out his feelings via text messages if you figure him out, pack up your things and leave him to fend for himself. He will continue to try to contact you for at least six months from then on and, if blocked, will enlist his friends from his sex ring which has a location in Henderson, NV besides Pottsville, PA.

How long will USA continue to enable this criminal? Russia's got a bench for him somewhere surely.

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