Spend Your Tax Refund in Colombia in 2022

Everyone knows of Colombia. Not everyone has visited. With the rising health costs in the USA and the lack of willingness to negotiate charges with patients, it makes sense to travel abroad for essential services such as eyecare or dental work.

Even factoring in the price of a plane ticket, the overall budget necessary for a yearly visit is very reasonable considering the quality of care provided. As a bonus, United Airlines now offers flights using 100% sustainable aviation fuel. Carbon free travel is the light at the end of the COVID years tunnel.

Within Colombia, travel to Chia which is within driving distance from the capital Bogota and its' main airport. Pay a visit to Dr. Gina Barón for a beautiful pair of Hugo Conti eyeglasses. As a talented ophthalmologist, she offers an insightful explanation for any symptoms you might be experiencing and performs a thorough examination before writing any prescription.

Not too far from Centro Chia is the office of Dr. Raul Sanchez. His dental studio is aptly named Belladent. You can email him or send him a message via Telegram to schedule a cleaning. Dr. Sanchez maintains the world-class level of cleanliness. His manner of cleaning is gentle but effective. He won't oversell you on unnecessary procedures and does not demand multiple signatures and an hour's worth of reading of different legal disclosures just to be admitted into the office.

To learn more about the services offered by these two professionals, you can follow them on Instagram: @bella_dent_studio and @dra.ginabaron.

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