Small Business Resources and Networks

SBA is offering grants and loans. Payment processors have waived the instant withdrawal fees. These are some of the ways businesses are being supported financially. This is a list of networks and training resources that are free and powerful.

  1. Think with Google - Google provides bite size nuggets of marketing insight. Some of the info is in the form of graphs and statistics. Some advice is offered via well written concise articles. All of it is summarized in a short email, nothing too long to scroll through. There are podcasts that can be listened to on multiple different platforms. The website is easy on the eyes and easy on the mind. This is by far the best free access to data right now.

  2. Score - This service is probably the first place anyone should go to both when starting a business and when running it if they are looking for a mentor. Currently, the services are offered remotely for free. There are also live hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

  3. DWEN - This is a new online forum/network for women entrepreneurs. The nice thing about this website is that it also offers information on COVID19 business resources all over the world in a neat format. The network was created by Dell.

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