Updated: Jun 16

Max refers to Annie as an "octopus" on Season 2 of HBO's Flight Attendant. They plan to leave around noon in the 3rd episode. All they need is for Cassie to show up.

Max tells Annie about a car accident on the way over to his parents. She settles on chamomile tea instead of ginseng once inside the house. Cassie, at the same time, on the other side of the world in Iceland, is discussing shark meat with her co-worker.

The show does not disclose the market rate for any of the seafood paid for on the show but the subject of fraud does come up as Cassie talks to herself and contemplates how to handle having her identity stolen.

Annie, her lawyer friend, meanwhile talks about tanking the interview with Max and his parents. She is not sure whether she wants kids. She declines the fertility tea not because it is known to originate from Shangdang, China but because she has probably watched Blackfish. Maybe she has been on the Sea Shepherd. Maybe she is on Facebook under the alias "Augusta". Maybe she knows how much it costs to catch a baby octopus to then sell it in Foodtown in Florida for just $7.49 and still make a nice profit.

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