October 2020 Tax Deadlines

October 2020, in and of itself, does not have as many tax deadlines as the last month did. However, it does include some time consuming filing obligations because the third quarter returns and the yearly returns on extension happen to all fall within its' 31 days.

Luckily, the last date of the month falls on a Saturday. This helps with at least the federal payroll tax portion of the requirements. Form 941 gets an extra few days to be worked on as it does not need to be submitted until November 2nd this time. For other IRS deadlines in October along with the links to the relevant forms, click on the Calendar page under Resources. These dates are based on the official IRS website. For your convenience, direct links to any of the forms you might have to use this month are listed right under the calendar.

State due dates might vary. The quick video recap in this blog post focuses primarily on Florida. If you are looking for information about other states, feel free to leave a comment below or schedule an initial consultation via this page.

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