Moving On During COVID

COVID has added not only health worries but also created financial challenges. This is felt very sharply in any toxic environment in which someone might have to remain due to the "Stay-At-Home" orders.

How to pay a medical bill without insurance?

Contrary to what you might have been told, you do not need health insurance to receive medical services. Speak to the provider or the billing department directly and inquire about out-of-pocket pricing. Certain major hospitals, such as UCLA, publish their billing codes online which can be used to negotiate the service charges. If the charge is still too high to pay upfront, speak to billing and ask to be placed on a payment plan.

How to find affordable housing?

The wait list for affordable housing might be too long. There are hotels and motels that are being repurposed to service those leaving home after a domestic dispute. Major brands are also matching discounted pricing found online as well as offering 25% off on top of the lowest rate found online. Hilton is currently running that promotion at some of their locations.

"All it took was courage, commitment, and humour." - Mary Gabriel

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