Mac from Thailand

I met Mac on the Lymmo in Orlando. Both of us were abandoned by the African driver in front of a Dunkin Donuts. Mac was only going to be in Orlando until Friday, May 6th. We ended up getting a latte and a chai at Foxtail before planning the itinerary for the day. First, I showed him Wall Street which is closer to what Stone Street looks like in New York City. It ends where the History museum is and the mural consisting of four painting on the AT&T building across from it, next to the Saint George Orthodox Cathedral.

The first floor of the museum has two polar bear cadavers. Mac looked at them and noticed right away that the bears were being made fun of. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have gotten a different perspective on what I was seeing so I decided to invite him to dinner and offer him a room to stay in a safer neighborhood than where his hostel was. Mac told me the hostel was charging him $50 per night for a shared room while an average salary in Bangkok, Thailand is about $120 a month.

The person on the lease at 610 Palmer St #4 met Mac but didn't want him staying for the night so we all agreed Mac would come back the following morning at 11am. Despite having cash, credit and debit, a driver's license and a passport with him, Mac was turned away at the door. Lucky for him, the hostel was willing to allow him stay for another day. That Thursday, I showed Mac the replica of the Statue of the Liberty, as he's never been to New York and I didn't want him to leave without seeing something he might want to come back to see the original of. We had lunch at the New York Deli, located at 255 Orange Ave. We talked about the stock market crash in Thailand which happened in a different year than the 2009 one in New York so I knew nothing about it. Mac also told me that medical travel is possible to Thailand but the prices charged are somewhat on par with what a city dentist would charge and higher than a doctor in Colombia would ask for.

From there, I showed Mac the Florida Mall and Best Buy. Although it wasn't a very friendly or intelligent sales rep that we encountered there (he did not know that the paintings displayed on the TV screen for sale were done by Vincent Van Gogh despite the fact that it's a travelling exhibit and is being shown in Orlando right now), we remained polite when declining to purchase from Angie. We still had a few hours left before the 7PM curfew for Mac so we continued on to Disney Springs. Mac tried on a cowboy hat with the American flag design on it at Chappelle's and purchased the Classic Mickey coffee bag at Jeofrey's. Then we listened to the live concert by the Blue's House.

Mac left on the 9PM Emirates flight from Orlando to Bangkok with a layover in Dubai on Friday. He wanted to know how to thank me for my time. I only hope that he remembers to wish his mom a Happy Mother's Day on August 12 with the small souvenir I gave him.

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