Invoicing with Wave Apps

What are the advantages of using Wave Apps for invoicing?

To start, it is a very clean, easy on the eyes cloud software option without any subscription fees.

Customizing the invoice does not necessarily require the user to create and save a template. A lot of times, contractors work with customers who have specific requirements for how they want invoices to look like when received but these specifications do not apply to any other customer. In such a case, a one time edit is a great time saver and a major convenience.

The option to switch between products and services is very handy as many businesses do both. They don't only sell items but also include servicing of them. This allows for invoicing all within one system instead of having to create multiple accounts.

Columns can also be hidden. The invoice form within Wave Apps requires only one column to be left on the page. This means it can be edited in multiple ways for any situation.

Because the form is simple and clean, the loading time is a lot quicker than with some of the heavier options that include too much functionality that cannot be turned off. Additionally, Wave Apps does not carry any pop ups with messages as the user works on the invoice. There are no repetitive tips.

Customization can be applied once or for future invoices.

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