Interesting Online Freebie Deals & Trials

Everyone knows about the major yearly sales from the big box stores. However, the less public promotions and trials can be just as good and are often completely free. Here are a few that have been tested out with a quick review of each:

  • Clothing - Brands such as NY&Co and Banana Republic offer 30 days of free clothing rentals. This is the most generous promotion among clothing retailers and it can be found either via Google or via Instagram stories. The downside is that items have to be received three at a time and cannot be replenished until all three have been returned or purchased. Shipping is free but takes about 3-5 business days. Other companies offer partial discounts, such as 20% off.

  • Entertainment - Simon & Schuster is giving out one free ebook via Glose. The sign up page is on their website and is available to new subscribers. Alternatively, it can be found through purchasing one of their published books in the Google Books Store. The downside is that there is a specific list of books eligible for the redemption. Currently, there are about 80,000 book copies left of about 15-20 titles.

  • Education - LinkedIn Learning is offering a free month of training. The convenience perk is that at the point of completion, your certificate can be uploaded directly to your profile alerting your network right away. This is much simpler than having to manually update the certificates field after a Duolingo or a Coursera class. The downside is that a credit card is required to activate the trial.

  • Deliveries - Shipt is offering free deliveries for up to four weeks through Target. It is convenient and quick, often times already at your door within two hours of placing the order. However, there is a $35 order minimum. Shoppers also can end up being not very thorough. Still, it is a great time saver.

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