Beach On A Budget

You don't have to break the budget to enjoy life under the sun.

Getting There:

Scooter - If the beach is close enough locally, there is a great app that offers scooter rentals - Bird. Alternatively, you can buy one for yourself from the same company at a price that is still less than a down payment on a car.

Car Rental - Depending on the number of people in your group, you might want to consider renting a Ford Escape with an American Express card. The mileage rate is fantastic and the AE card includes rental insurance so that you don't have to buy one from the rental company as well.

Airfare - If you missed the best month this year to book a flight, (which was January), you can still catch a deal in August, according to Skyscanner which analyzed 2018 data to get an estimate. You also probably already know about booking on Tuesday or Wednesday for the best rate. Be sure to do so at the best time as well, which is 5am.


Hotel App - Hotel Tonight used to be the app that you would check after noon for booking same day deals. It doesn't hide the hotel name from you and has since changed the availability of deals to 24/7. The only thing that you still get only once a day is the special additional discount which is a surprise but still one with a name (giving you the chance to look up the reviews first). Your spending is totalled to give you an additional break on the price if you are a frequent user.

Membership - Google One now offers lower rates on hotels through it's subscription plan. Once you're in, all you have to do is search Google Maps while logged in and look for the Google One logo on the pricing. It is a much better discount than what most other options offer and has a consistent success rate in honored bookings despite being a third party. Do note that there is a tendency for Google to offer discounts on hotels that have recently been getting more negative reviews. It could be trolls or it could be true, only the member will find out.

Credit Card - Wyndham Rewards is one of the newer cards that gives you points for purchases that can be used for booking hotels. What's different is that you have the option to either use the full points payment or you can apply a portion of your points balance for a generous discount.


Brand Ambassador - Singing up as one with brands that offer it, will give you a good break on the price of swimming attire. Then you just need to share your gorgeous photo from the beach.

Tours - There are free beach tours in many places. You just have to add "free" as a keyword.

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