Are You Afraid?

The Alla lounging around in the lobby at TWA is no Easter bunny this year. She is only 15, born in Kansas to Sudanese parents, and is tasked with watching her baby brother while her mother is in the restroom with the third child. She is comfortable enough to leave the daughter alone with the flamboyant 50+ year old Michael who is wearing a white shirt, jeans and grey hair on this June morning. She is going to leave only to be replaced by another fatherless family of a mother plus three with a friends' child with them. They will scoop for something under the seat and move closer to the timetable at the front, not finding whatever it is, maybe trash that they left behind.

Watching them gather, like a hurricane storm cloud, by the Air France, Korean Airlines, Turkish Airlines ticket counter, is like being enlisted for an inventory count without consent. Many bags look full and over the weight limit so that might be why the trash is being left behind. They're starting to admit guilt slowly yet are still raising their children without telling them the stories that matter, the true stories, like that of Joseph Pfeifer.

In his memoir, "Ordinary Heroes", this FDNY Chief writes: "For me, the concern was how we would manage the next extreme terrorist attack on skyscrapers." Alla either plays coy or is already using selective memory as she denies knowing about the history of the Freedom Tower. This is truly the 15-year old that is being raised shielded from the realities of war.

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