Applying FIFO

Do you eat lunch items in the same order as they are printed on your receipt or in the same order as they come out from the kitchen? Do you eat them first to last or last to first?

Panera Bread in Orlando, FL has flatbread pizzas. It is not the same kind as you would find at the local Italian pizzeria in Hamilton, NJ. The menu item is not just called a pepperoni pizza, it is a Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza. The price is not the $3 for a slice but $10.99 for a full. They are not sold per slice. The counter where you pick up the order is much higher than in NJ but it is not comfortable enough to rest your head and close your eyes for a long enough period of time to catch up on REM.

Eventually, it will be time for you to go, eat the food at home and maybe return for the soup. Having a receipt with you that has the date of the purchase will probably make your day easier and less aggravating. So spend more time looking for that to present at the restaurant and the food will arrive before you start feeling like you need to start threatening to kill anybody.

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