$25 Amber Alert

Would you pay $25 online to https://www.singleandthecity.com/ to be greeted by Amber at the door to a bar in the city? The New York City? The website is still active and still boasts to disclose an address to events that "will match you with daters who share similar interests, backgrounds, & even physical preferences!" According to the About page, "rather then spending countless hours in front of your computer filling out three-hour profiles you can be out and about NYC meeting sexy and available singles." For the parties, Amber recruits "men and women in a variety of fields to ensure a diverse crowd of eligible singles giving you the opportunity to finally meet someone "worth meeting"" in exchange for your credit or debit card information. (As if those boys those who wrote poems about you and blushed while reading them were somehow worth less or those girls that worried about not having new shoes are somehow less capable of giving you the relationship you are looking just because of how they are dressed.) These days, Amber and her friends might be asking you to Venmo them.

If you choose to attend, twelve years from now you can be working from home and saving the three $1 bills with George Washington on them while the ATM machine that cannot even bother to give that cash to you neatly sorted after you already disclosed your PIN to it does not even work a full eight hour shift. Incidentally, that is why I don't believe in bitcoin. If the computers are really capable of calculating and working on their own while we sleep, they would have already been doing that at the bank. Bitcoin and all that comes with it just seems like a repackaged banking industry on steroids.

The domain is owned by OneStop Singles LLC located at 9400 Sawyer Fay Lane in Austin, TX 78748. Lucky for us, this is not a domain owned by a startup founder who had to leave San Francisco and is now hiding behind spoofed phone numbers pretending to be in Washington, DC so there is an actual physical address disclosed should you care to continue jumping through hoops after spending that $25 and have the energy to drive your car for 27 hours to Austin.

Will you test your luck and make the trip to hold this Limited Liability Corporation accountable like Craigslist was held accountable for any violence encountered due to their poor matchmaking algorithm? Will you ask them what safety measures they have in place, what solutions they offer if you have to dial 911 and the cops don't show up to turn the broken elevator back on and someone pins you against the wall because they want to steal the power? The next event is already scheduled for this summer: https://www.singleandthecity.com/Event/5159. Don't pay before you get a reasonable answer.

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